Saint Augustine once said “This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections.”  We can buy that.  No one is truly perfect, and though we gave it our best shot, Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers managed to get to the printer’s with a number of errors.  Here are their corrections.


In bullet point #9, the text instructs the user to select two trees in the same timeline layer in order to tween them. Tweening can only be applied to one symbol per layer, so this error is corrected by putting each tree symbol in its own layer and repeating #9 for each layer.


The very bottom of of page incorrectly states, "If you need to tween a filter effect, the text must be in a movieclip." Strike that sentence, because it isn't true, as demonstrated on the following page.


Contrary to what bullet point #4 says, deleselecting bold does not cause the bottom left text to show. This must have been a circumstance of using that particular beta release of Flash. Re-embedding fonts for the upper right text field (roman, like the upper left) does not add to the SWF file size. Embedding fonts for bold and italic, however, does increase file size.


In figure 7-8, the second antenna layer (shown as selected) is not labeled, but it is in the sample file.


In the first bullet point #2, the sentence that reads "Scrub the timeline ..." should read "Convert the dot layer to a Mask layer, then scrub the timeline ..."


In the second sentence under the "Timed text XML for captions" heading, the file name captions.xml should read captionsFLV.xml.


In the commercial release of Flash Professional CS3, the UILoader component only states "UILoader" when dragged to the stage, rather than the full package name depicted in Figure 9-33.


Every one of the file paths for the sample files includes the folder name ExerciseFiles_CH01, which should actually read ExerciseFiles_CH11.